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When Patients Complain

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a talk entitled Cyberbullying: Legal Rights of Physicians Maligned on Social Media. I accepted the talk but changed the title to “When Patients Complain.” I wanted to reframe the discussion. Patients have complained about the quality¬†(or the lack thereof) of the healthcare they receive, even before social media. Social media though has provided a platform where such complaints can get more mileage. Read More »When Patients Complain

Ubiquitous Learning

The #DigitalScholar course of Reda Sadki introduced me to Bill Copes and Mary Kalantzis. The Copes & Kalantzis MOOC on Coursera elearning Ecologies was running then at the same time but I had my hands full with #DigitalScholar so I wasn’t able to concentrate on the MOOC. So I’m trying this MOOC now.

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