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#HAWMC: Make It A Great Day

#HAWMC Day 26.

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, the type of day we have is out of our control, but other times, we can influence how our day is going. Come up with 5 tips for changing your frame of mind when you’re having a bad day!

Are doctors allowed to have a bad day? What’s a bad day like for me? I’m running late for clinic because I had to attend a meeting that was an absolute waste of my time (I’m one of those who believe that 80% of meetings can be avoided by using email!).  I need to get home early to my kids and I still have a roomful of patients. My husband, also a doctor, has finished his clinic and he’s waiting for me to finish so we can go home together. Just when I’m pressed for time, I get the more complicated cases. Whew! Read More »#HAWMC: Make It A Great Day