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Why does self-diagnosis annoy doctors?

This picture has circulated in my Facebook feed since last month. It didn’t feel right but I decided not to say anything as I saw some colleagues sharing it. I was wary of offending someone. However, there was one post in particular recently where I simply could not in good conscience keep quiet. And I said –

I am a physician and I find this picture offensive.

So what happened? The person who posted the picture deleted my reply! That’s what made me decide to write this blog post. Continue reading


EndoWiki at #ENDO2013

Sleepless in San Francisco! It's half past three in the morning now but I'm awake because back in Manila it's half past 6 pm 🙂 so might as well start blogging now.

I'm always on the lookout for any Internet-related applications in endocrinology. For my schedule today, I'm excited to learn more about EndoWiki, which as it says in the abstract title is an Italian online platform for continuous medical education in endocrinology. Wow, that rocks! I checked out the website but can't get in since access is restricted to members of the Italian Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Patients have free access to some pages though.

I don't speak Italian so I headed over to Google Translate. The Patient Pages are categorized into four: pituitary, thyroid, bone and parathyroid, ovary.

I can just imagine the amount of work the Italian group has put into this. According to the abstract, there's three editors, two central editorial secretaries, 10 section coordinators and 144 authors! So check it out – SAT 284.

If you're checking out the poster sessions today, please pass by SAT-801. Okay, this is an advertisement! That poster is by my newly-graduated Endocrine fellow Dr. Celito Tamban – a randomized clinical trial on the use of SMS for improving adherence to diet and exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Thanks!