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How are clinicians using social media to get messages across?

It’s been awhile. Busy with … everything! So we’re back to answering a question from the 26 questions of Doctors 2.0 by Denise Silber.

I picked this question because I’ve grappled with this for some time now.

In the beginning it was about drawing the line for communicating with patients on Facebook. In 2010, I wrote about whether doctors and patients can become friends on Facebook. I decided I wouldn’t. I wrote another post on what doctors should do when a patient makes a friend request. Continue reading


How has the social network revolution changed my life?

I’m taking #MedDig, Medicine in the Digital Age on EdX with Dr. Kirsten Ostherr and Dr. Bryan Vartabedian. I finished week 1 and aced my quiz. I should be doing week 2 but I’ve a few days left before the May 19 deadline for week 2 quiz. So I thought I’d write a blog post for the discussion questions for week 1. Continue reading