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Consent for Medical Photos on Facebook

I’m a doctor and so it’s not surprising that I have many doctors on my list of Facebook friends. Not often but not as rare as I would want it to be, I’ve seen various photos I’d rather not see on my Facebook feed: a dismembered hand reattached, a humongous ovarian tumor, an eye socket with a knife sticking out of it, a patient unconscious on an operating table, patients in the background at the emergency room, and hands in bloodied surgical gloves around a draped boy’s body at circumcision missions. Continue reading


Health Promotion on the Internet

A few weeks back, I gave my FIRST plenary presentation at the annual convention of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism. I talked about Health Promotion on the Internet and shared what I had done so far on my Facebook page http://www.Facebook.com/EndocrineWitch.


It got me thinking on how else I can expand my social media reach. So today I decided to open a Tumblr account and post my photos with health messages as well. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/endocrine-witch

I’ve 76 photos already. I realized I haven’t been tweeting about these too – so that’s another avenue.

I’d planned that each photo be accompanied by a short blog post here but as you can see I’ve not been able to do that. Let’s see what I can do with short posts on Tumblr :) I’ve been confused lately what I should do with this blog since I opened the FB page as I didn’t originally plan for this blog to be for patients but for physicians. So I guess that’s what the Tumblr blog will be for!