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Where are your (bedside) manners?

This exploded in my Facebook network two days ago. Doctors and nurses were furiously sharing it with angry comments.

Are resident doctors really doctors? http://mindanaotimes.net/loud-whispers-are-resident-doctors-really-doctors/

I wanted to finish writing this blog post yesterday but I had to collect myself first and calm down. The author of this now viral newspaper article, is talking about THE government hospital where I trained as a resident in internal medicine. My internal medicine residency is unique in that I spent ten months in the emergency room (ER) as part of the transition batch where the ER rotation was transferred to second year residency. Thus, I rotated at the ER twice – as a first year and second year resident. I am very familiar with the setting of the story. Continue reading

Waiting at the ER (The New York Times)


I trained in the Philippine General Hospital and spent countless (well maybe, not countless 🙂 but it sure felt like it at the time) hours going on duty at the ER both as a student and as a resident. I also continued seeing patients at the ER as a fellow-in-training.

I challenge any reader to make a corresponding infographic for the PGH ER! This will be a worthy cause. We can pass it around until someone (anybody?!) donates money to help the PGH.

In any case, this New York Times infographic is interesting because it details what happens to patients waiting at the ER for non-life-threatening conditions. In a government hospital like the PGH, most of the patients seek consult for life-threatening conditions or at least long-neglected-supposedly-non-life-threatening conditions that have become life-threatening. No one can afford to wait and no one can afford to leave!