No Fast Food Please!

As an endocrinologist, I counsel my patients to avoid fast food as much as they can. Patients with diabetes often need to lose weight.  Fast foods have too many calories but too little nutrients – a bad combination! And as you read through the infographic you realize fast food also contains lots of chemicals. 🙁

But what caught my eye in this infographic? That part that looks at the percentage of population that said they eat fast food at least once a week. The top 6 countries are in Asia, with the Philippines in the No. 3 spot at 54%. That’s half the population saying they eat at a fast food at least once a week!

If you see patients with diabetes or those with weight problems in your clinic, please share this infographic.

I’m a parent too. My kids (age 8 and 5) don’t eat at fast foods. How long will this last before peer pressure leads them to the fast food chains? I worry … you should worry too!

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food
Via: OnlineSchools.org

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