Let’s build a culture of privacy!


Let’s build a culture of privacy! That’s my main takeaway from the public consultation held by the National Privacy Commission for the implementing rules and regulations of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 last July 13 at the University of the Philippines Diliman. No less than the Commissioner himself said it. Read More »Let’s build a culture of privacy!

Day 4 on #DigitalScholar: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Today’s learning shard at #DigitalScholar is from the philosopher Rousseau. He said this about education –

Teach your scholar to observe the phenomena of nature; you will soon rouse his curiosity, but if you would have it grow, do not be in too great a hurry to satisfy this curiosity. Put the problems before him and let him solve them himself. Let him know nothing because you have told him, but because he has learnt it for himself. If ever you substitute authority for reason he will cease to reason, he will be a mere plaything of other people’s thoughts …

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