Why does self-diagnosis annoy doctors?

This picture has circulated in my Facebook feed since last month. It didn’t feel right but I decided not to say anything as I saw some colleagues sharing it. I was wary of offending someone. However, there was one post in particular recently where I simply could not in good conscience keep quiet. And I said –

I am a physician and I find this picture offensive.

So what happened? The person who posted the picture deleted my reply! That’s what made me decide to write this blog post.Read More »Why does self-diagnosis annoy doctors?

#Doctors20: Mind Mapping for Health

Day 1 of Doctors 2.0 You conference. I’m at the master class for Mind Mapping for Health with Margot Vanfleteren (@MargotVF). We were to give a physician and patient’s point of view respectively, to the discussion by Jose M. Guerrero (@infosegS).

Jose is the founder and CEO of Infoseg, a company dedicated to research and development of mind mapping automation applications. He is also¬† co-author of Introduction to the applications of mind mapping in medicine. More about Jose here. Read More »#Doctors20: Mind Mapping for Health